Archeology of Egypt
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Egypt, Archaeology of
Egypt, Archaeology of Summarizes Egyptian archaeology and its relevance to the Bible.
The Eerdmans Encyclopedia of Early Christian Art and Archaeology, Volumes 1–3
Architecture: Egypt
Architecture: Egypt (3rd–7th c. a.d.)The earliest churches in Egypt (4th c.) include → Antinoupolis (south church, five-aisled basilica), al-Marina (three-aisled basilica), → Faw Qibli I, and Ismant al-Gharab (Dakhla Oasis, southeast church). In all these churches the central nave is relatively narrow.
Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity
EGYPTI. Origins of ChristianityII. LiturgyIII. Archaeology. Ancient Egypt, in N-E Africa, extended along the Nile valley as far as the first cataract (Philae/Aswan), including part of the Libyan and Arabian deserts. The pharaohs of the middle kingdom, the Ptolemys and the Roman emperors pushed its