Araq El-Emir
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Araq El-Emir
Araq El-Emir Also known as Iraq El-Emir. Most likely the biblical Ramath-Mizpeh (רָמַ֥ת‎, ramath; Josh 13:26) located in the Wadi eṣ-Ŝɩ̂r east of Jericho. Ruins at the site are thought to be from the Tobiad dynasty and the home of a wealthy Ammonite family from the Persian period (Neh 2:10; see also Ezra
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˓Araq El-Emir
ʿAraq El-EmirA site (221147) located on the Wadi eṣ-Ŝɩ̂r. It was occupied, with some gaps, from the Early Bronze Age to the Byzantine period, and is probably biblical Ramath-mizpeh (Josh. 13:26). Remains exist of Qaṣr el-ʿAbd, “Fortress of the Servant,” identified as Tyros and built by the Tobiad
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’Araq El-Emir
’Araq El-Emir [ârˊăk ĕl ĕmˊĭr]. † Home of the Tobiad dynasty, a family of wealthy Ammonites particularly influential in the Persian period (cf. Neh. 2:19; 6:1, 12, 14, 17; 13:4–8; Zech. 6:9–14). A third century B.C. inscription on the face of a cliff into which a series of caverns have been dug