Aquila’s Version
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Aquila’s Version
Aquila’s Version A very literal second-century Greek translation of the Old Testament that was preserved in the third column of Origen’s Hexapla.
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Aquila’s Version
AQUILA’S VERSION. Aquila was a Jewish translator active in the first quarter of the 2d century c.e. His Greek version of the OT was preserved by Origen in the third column of his Hexapla (compiled during the second quarter of the 3d century). According to tradition, Aquila, born a pagan, converted to
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Aquila (Gk. Akýlas)1. The husband of Priscilla/Prisca and associate of Paul. A native of Pontus, but later a resident of Rome, Aquila met Paul in Corinth after he, Priscilla, and other Jews had been expelled from Rome by Claudius (Acts 18:2–3). Many scholars associate this expulsion with Suetonius’
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Aquila, Version of
Aquila, Version of. Greek version of the OT. It was the work of Aquila, a native of Sinope in Pontus, who lived under Hadrian (117–38). Acc. to St *Epiphanius (Mens. et Pond. 14), he was a relative of the Emperor and was converted to Christianity during a stay in *Jerusalem, but, having refused to
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AQUILA (Ἀκύλας), the author of a translation of the Old Testament into Greek, which was held in much esteem by the Jews and was reproduced by Origen in the third column of the Hexapla, seems to have belonged to the earlier half of the 2nd century. Little is known regarding his personal history beyond
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Aquila's Version
Aquila’s Version ak′wi-luh, uh-kwi′luh (Ἀκύλας, “eagle”). This Greek translation of the OT is known from quotations in Jewish and Christian writings. Fragmentary remains can also be found as marginal notes in some mss of the Septuagint, and a few continuous texts have come to light in palimpsests and
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Aquila, Translation Of
AQUILA, TRANSLATION OFAquila, a Jewish proselyte who lived in the early second century, made a Greek translation of the Old Testament. Thereafter, the Jews used it in preference to the Septuagint, which had become the Old Testament of the Christians.It is not as some allege, … “Behold, a young woman
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AQUILA’S VERSION. One of three Jewish revisions of the LXX. Aquila’s revision, known only in fragmentary form, follows the Hebrew text very closely. Aquila even reproduces Hebrew syntax in his translation—often resulting in atrocious Greek. The discovery of a Greek text of the Twelve Prophets at Nahal