Apostolic Tradition
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Apostolic Tradition, The
Apostolic Tradition, The (Gk. ἡ ἀποστολικὴ παράδοσις). The document formerly known as the ‘*Egyptian Church Order’, now generally held to be the work of St *Hippolytus. The treatise is apparently referred to in the words ἀποστολικὴ παράδοσις which occur in the list of writings attributed to
Egyptian Church Order
Egyptian Church Order. The early liturgical treatise which, as a result of the researches of Dom Hugh *Connolly and E. *Schwartz, is now commonly identified as the ‘*Apostolic Tradition’ of St *Hippolytus (q.v.). It was so described by H. Achelis (1891), when it was known to exist in *Ethiopic, *Coptic,
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Apostolic Tradition
Apostolic Tradition. A historically important early liturgical treatise attributed to Hippolytus (though some question this), parts of which may reflect Roman liturgy of about the late second century. Originally written in Greek, it has been preserved in other languages (e.g., Coptic, Ethiopic, Latin,
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Apostolic Tradition
Apostolic Tradition. A 3rd-cent. document containing an extensive description of Christian rites (particularly ordination and baptism). Originally composed in Greek, it is extant primarily in a Latin translation. At one time the document used to be known as the Egyptian Church Order, but R. H. Connolly
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Apostolic Tradition
APOSTOLIC TRADITION. Preserved partially in Latin, Sahidic and Bohairic *Coptic, *Ethiopian and *Arabic, and some fragments in Greek, from which the original text must be reconstructed, this “church order” has been widely regarded, starting from the beginning of the 20th c., as a work composed by *Hippolytus.