Apostolic History of Abdias
Historia Certaminis Apostolici • History of the Apostolical Contest
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Abdias.—1. Steward of the house of Achab, king of Israel. Secreted the prophets whom queen Jezabel wished to put to death. 2. The fourth of the twelve minor prophets; lived during the captivity of the Jews and foretold their return; wrote one single chapter against the Idumeans. 3. Famous impostor of
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ABDIAS. Under the name of Abdias, whom the legend makes first bishop of Babylon, a collection of apocryphal Acts of Apostles, written in Latin and bearing the general title Historia Certaminis Apostolici or Historiae Apostolicae, has come down to us. It is distributed into ten books, and comprises the
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Abdias, Apostolic History of
Abdias, Apostolic History of ab-di′uhs. A Latin collection of legends about the twelve apostles, including Paul, compiled from various sources (the canonical Gospels and Acts, the Clementine Literature, the earlier apocryphal Acts, etc.) not earlier than the end of the 6th cent. According to the preface
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ABDIAS, APOSTOLIC HISTORY OF. The Apostolic History of Abdias is the name an early editor (Wolfgang Lazius, 1552) gave to a comprehensive Latin collection of lives and martyrdoms of the apostles. The manuscripts apparently present the work, which has not yet been critically edited, anonymously under