Apostolic Fathers
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Apostolic Fathers
Apostolic Fathers A collection of documents from Christian authors who lived shortly after the apostles. Typically dated between ad 80–220. Works included are First and Second Clement, the Ignatian Epistles, Polycarp’s Letter to the Philippians, the Martyrdom of Polycarp, the Letter of Barnabas, the
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Apostolic Fathers
APOSTOLIC FATHERS. A collection of early Christian writings traditionally regarded as having been set down by people directly or indirectly associated with the apostles. A complete modern edition will include the following (the order varies considerably): 1 Clement, 2 Clement, Ignatius, Polycarp, Didache,
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Apostolic Fathers
Apostolic Fathers Any attempt to classify the Christian literature of the second and early third centuries under distinct headings is bound to be somewhat arbitrary. The original editors of ISBE included in “Subapostolic Literature” the writings more commonly known as the “Apostolic Fathers” (except
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Apostolic Fathers
Apostolic FathersA collection of early Christian writings held to have been written by disciples or close associates of the apostles. Usually included in the Apostolic Fathers are the Didache, 1 Clement, 2 Clement, Barnabas, the letters of Ignatius, the letter(s) of Polycarp to the Philippians, the
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Apostolic Fathers
Apostolic Fathers. A group of early Christian writers (ca. A.D. 100), erroneously held to have been personal students or close associates of the apostles. The name “Apostolic Fathers” originated with J. B. Cotelier, who in 1672 published their writings as Patres Apostolici aevi (“Fathers of the Apostolic
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Apostolic Fathers
APOSTOLIC FATHERS Important churchmen, mostly bishops, who immediately succeeded the apostles. These Fathers were responsible for many important writings that have survived completely or in part and that have long been held in great esteem. Among the Apostolic Fathers are Saint Clement of Rome (Pope
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Apostolic Fathers
APOSTOLIC FATHERS“The apostolic fathers” has been a designation for a collection of early church documents for at least three hundred years. These individual manuscripts began to appear together in later centuries, so that the collection and terminology are post-Reformation. These discourses were written
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Apostolic Fathers
Apostolic FathersThe apostolic fathers is a somewhat arbitrary group of Christian writings that follows immediately upon the NT writings, spanning approximately fifty years, beginning with Clement of Rome (a.d. 96) up until the middle of the second century. These writings are to be distinguished from
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Apostolic Fathers
Apostolic Fathers. The title given since the later 17th cent. to those Fathers of the age immediately succeeding the NT period whose works in whole or in part have survived. They are *Clement of Rome, *Ignatius, *Hermas, *Polycarp, and *Papias, and the authors of the ‘Ep. of *Barnabas’, of the
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Apostolic Fathers
Apostolic FathersThe term ‘Apostolic Fathers’ designates those Christian authors who wrote between the end of New Testament times and c. 150. The term originated with J.B. Cotelier, who in 1672 designated five writers as ‘Patres aevi apostolici’, or ‘Fathers of the apostolic age’. In modern usage, the
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APOSTOLIC FATHERSAn appellation usually given to the writers of the 1st century who employed their pens in the cause of Christianity.See SUB-APOSTOLIC LITERATURE.
LITERATURE; SUB-APOSTOLIC<lit’-er-a-tur>, <sub-ap-os-tol’-ik> (Christian):The Sub-apostolic Age is usually held to extend from the death of John, the last surviving apostle, about 100 AD, to the death of Polycarp, John’s aged disciple (155–56 AD). The Christian literature of this period, although as
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Apostolic Fathers
apostolic fathers. A name given to Christian authors who wrote in the age succeeding that of the Apostles. Hefele’s edition of the Apostolic Fathers (4th ed. Tübingen, 1855) contains:—(1) An epistle, falsely ascribed to St. Barnabas. Hefele places it between 107–120. (2) Two letters (so-called) of Clement,