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Apollinarius, Claudius
Apollinariusius, Claudius (2nd cent.), Bp. of Hierapolis, early Christian *Apologist. His writings included a ‘Defence of the Faith’, presented to *Marcus Aurelius (prob. in 172), treatises ‘Against the Pagans’ (Πρὸς Ἕλληνας), on ‘Truth’ (Περὶ Ἀληθείας), and on *Easter (Περὶ τοῦ Πάσχα),
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Apollinaris the Apologist
Apollinaris the Apologist.—Bishop of Hierapolis in Phrygia about the year 160. He addressed to the Emperor Marcus Aurelius an Apology in favor of the Christians. He reminded this prince of the miraculous rain which saved his army, a rain obtained through the prayers of the 12th legion, and a miracle
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APOLLINA′RIS and APOLLINA′RIUS are different forms of the same Greek name, Ἀπολλινάριος. For the sake of convenience we use in every case the form Apollinaris, which is always employed by Latin writers.1. Claudius Apollinaris, bishop of Hierapolis in Phrygia (a. d. 170 and onwards), wrote an “Apology