Anton Bruckner
b. September 4, 1824 – d. October 11, 1896 • Composer • Musician
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Bruckner, Anton
Bruckner, Anton(1824–96). The Austrian composer Anton Bruckner is now known primarily for his monumental 10 symphonies, but they did not begin to receive universal acceptance until after World War I. His sacred music represents the culmination of the great tradition of Austrian church music.Josef Anton
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Bruckner, Anton
Bruckner, Anton (1824–1896)Austrian composer and organistBruckner’s chief renown lies in his nine symphonies (the last unfinished), which, despite their length and formal sameness, reflect a large and sincere vision. Born in Ansfelden, Bruckner was trained as a chorister, after which he became a schoolmaster.