Antipater (son of Herod)
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Antipater (son of Herod)
3. The eldest son of Herod by his first wife Doris. After his marriage to Mariamne the Hasmonean, Herod sent Doris and Antipater away. But when Herod, being suspicious of Mariamne’s loyalty, ordered her execution in 29 b.c., tensions arose between him and her sons, Alexander and Aristobulus. In order
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Antipater (Gk. Antipátros)1. Son of Jason, one of two delegates sent by the Hasmonean Jonathan to Rome and Sparta (Josephus Ant. 13.169; 1 Macc. 12:16; 14:22) to negotiate—apparently successfully—renewals of treaties with Judea.2. Idumean noble (ca. 100–43 b.c.e.), son of Antipas and father of Herod.
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ANTI′PATER (Ἀντίπατρος)
ANTI′PATER (Ἀντίπατρος), the eldest son of Herod the Great by his first wife, Doris (Jos. Ant. xiv. 12. § 1), a monster of wickedness and craft, whose life is briefly described by Josephus (Bell. Jud. i. 24. § 1) in two words—κακίας μυστήριον. Herod, having divorced Doris and married Mariamne, b.
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(Herod) Antipater
(Herod) AntipaterHerod the Great’s first wife was a woman named Doris, by whom he had only one son, Antipater. When he became king, Herod’s authority was challenged by the Jews because he was of Arab origin and was not royal. In order to ward off this challenge, he married Mariamne, a Hasmonean (Maccabean)