Antipater (father of Herod)
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Antipas (Person)
ANTIPAS (PERSON) [Gk Antipas (Ἀντιπας)]. An abbreviated form of the name Antipatros (Antipater).1. A martyr of the Church in Pergamum, described as Christ’s faithful witness (Rev 2:13); the same description is given to Christ himself (Rev 1:5). Legend among later hagiographers (e.g., Simon Metaphrastes
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Antipater (father of Herod)
2. The father of Herod the Great. According to Josephus (Ant. xiv.1.3) he was the son of a noble Idumean, to whom the government of that district had been given by Alexander Janneus and his queen Alexandra, at whose court he was raised. Antipater married an illustrious Arabian lady, Cypros, by whom he
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Antipater (Gk. Antipátros)1. Son of Jason, one of two delegates sent by the Hasmonean Jonathan to Rome and Sparta (Josephus Ant. 13.169; 1 Macc. 12:16; 14:22) to negotiate—apparently successfully—renewals of treaties with Judea.2. Idumean noble (ca. 100–43 b.c.e.), son of Antipas and father of Herod.
Herod (Family)
Herod (Gk. Hēr̂dēs) (FAMILY)A family of distinguished Idumean nobility that was converted to Judaism during the Hasmonean period and rose to prominence during the reign of Alexandra Salome. They intermarried with Nabateans, Jews, and other nearby ruling families, dominating the political fortunes
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ANTIPATER (Greek Antipatros, “in place of the father”)1. The father of King Herod the Great and the son of Antipas, an Idumean governor appointed by Jannaeus Alexander. Antipater was much disliked by most of the Jews of Palestine but managed to remain a leading political figure during the early Roman
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AntipaterAntipater is not mentioned in the Bible, but as the ancestor of the Herods he is important, and he was a key figure in the last days of Jewish independence and the early days of the Roman occupation.After the Maccabees overthrew their Seleucid oppressors and established an independent Israel,
Antipater [an-ti-puh-ter] (Ἀντίπατρος, “Against the Father”) (1) an Idumaean official, the father of Herod the Great; not mentioned by name in the Bible (2) the son of Jason (1), sent with Numenius to try to reestablish relations between the Syrians and the Jews (1 Macc. 12:16)
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
ANTIPATER an-tip´uh-tuhr [Ἀντίπατρος Antipatros]. (ca. 100–43 bce) 1. Father of Herod the Great. Antipater was descended from a wealthy and noble Idumean family that may have become Jewish under the forcible Judaization implemented by John Hyrcanus. Antipater’s father, also named Antipater, was appointed