Anthony the Great
b. AD 251 – d. AD 356 • Monk
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Antony, St, of Egypt
Antony, St, of Egypt (251?–356), hermit. About 269 Antony gave away his possessions, and devoted himself to a life of asceticism, and c. 285 retired completely into the desert, to the ‘Outer Mountain’ at Pispir, where he is said to have fought with demons under the guise of wild beasts. The holiness
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Anthony, St.
Anthony (St.).—Founder of Monasticism. Born in Egypt, of rich and virtuous parents, in 251, he, after dividing all his possessions among the poor, retired into the desert, where he lived, for twenty years, the life of a hermit. The fame of his miracles, and still more the power of his words and example,
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St. Anthony
Anthony (or Antony), St. (c. 251–356). Anthony was one of the most famous early Christian ascetics who gave away his possessions and withdrew to the Egyptian desert to live as a hermit. Disciples, drawn to his deep piety, were organized into a community of *anchorites who lived under a simple rule. *Athanasius,
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Antony of Egypt
Inner TravelersAntony of EgyptGreatest Desert Father“Wherever you find yourself, do not go forth from that place too quickly. Try to be patient and learn to stay in one place.”Born into a wealthy family, Antony submitted to his parents and their expectations that he follow in their wealthy
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Antony of Egypt
Antony of Egypt (ca. 251–356). Antony of Egypt was born of wealthy parents who died early, leaving him to care for his only sister. Around age twenty he heeded the scriptural call to sell his possessions and follow Christ (Matt. 19:21), withdrawing from the world to become an ascetic. He is often cited
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Anthony, Abbot
ANTHONY, abbot (251–ca. 335). The most famous of the fathers of *anchorism, considered its founder by a substantial branch of the tradition that goes back to *Athanasius’s Life of Anthony. Born 251, at age 20 he adopted the *ascetic life, first in a village (under the direction of an old man), then in
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Antony of Egypt
ANTONY OF EGYPT (c. 251–356)Early Egyptian hermit; generally regarded as the founder of Christian monasticismAntony was born in Comus (Egypt) and died in the Egyptian desert. He was the son of well-to-do parents who died when he was about twenty and left him all their possessions. Shortly thereafter,