b. September 8, AD 801 – d. February 3, AD 865 • Bishop
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Anskar, St
Anskar, St. (801–65), or Ansgar, the ‘Apostle of the North’. A native of Picardy, he became a monk at *Corbie. Thence he went to Corvey in Westphalia, and later to *Denmark, whose king had been recently converted. He established a school in Schleswig, but was soon expelled by the local heathen. He then
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ANSKAR (801–865)First archbishop of Hamburg; known as the “Apostle of the North”Anskar was born of Saxon stock in northwestern France and was educated at the monastery of Corbie, not far from his home. About 823 Anskar was sent to found a new abbey called New Corbie on the Weser River in Westphalia.