Anselm of Laon
d. 1117 • Teacher • Theologian
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Anselm (Ansellus) of Laon
Anselm (Ansellus) of Laon. (d. 1117), ‘Laudunensis’, theologian. It is not known where he studied. The statement usually made that he was educated at *Bec under St *Anselm lacks foundation. Towards the end of the 11th cent. he was teaching at the cathedral school at Laon, where he was joined by his
The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians
Anselm of Laon
Anselm of Laon (?–1117). Teacher of ⇒Abelard and of ⇒William of Champeaux. His Sentences is probably the first systematic theology of its time, although it was soon eclipsed by a work with the same title by ⇒Peter Lombard. He is considered a precursor of the school of St. Victor (William of Champeaux,
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Anselm of Laon
ANSELM OF LAON (died 1117)Theologian, scholar, and “teacher of teachers” who laid the foundations for the great intellectual awakening known as the twelfth-century RenaissanceThis Anselm, a student of the well-known Anselm of Canterbury, in 1076 was teaching at Paris where one of his students was William