Anne Hutchinson
b. 1591 – d. 1643 • Puritan • Theologian
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Hutchinson, Anne
Hutchinson, Anne(1591–1643). One of the first New England colonists to challenge the authority of the Puritan leaders in religious matters, Anne Hutchinson preferred following her conscience over blind obedience. Her protest helped to establish the principle of freedom of religion.Anne Marbury was
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Hutchinson, Anne Marbury
Hutchinson, Anne Marbury (1591–1643). Daughter of an Anglican pastor in Alford, England. Influenced by the Puritan pastor John ⇒Cotton, H. and her husband, William, moved to Boston in 1634. There she organized a group of women for Bible study. This group eventually included a hundred women and men who
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Hutchinson, Anne
Hutchinson, Anne (1591–1643). An English immigrant to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634, Hutchinson’s theological views and forthright criticism of John Wilson, Congregational minister of the Boston Church, led to her famous trial. Hutchinson held to the doctrine of the “*inner light,” in which the
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Hutchinson, Anne
Hutchinson, Anne (1591–1643)Colonial America’s ablest and mostcontroversial female theologianAnne Marbury was born in Lincolnshire (England), where her father was a clergyman. The Puritan vicar there, John Cotton, influenced her spiritual development. In 1634 she came with her husband, William Hutchinson,