Anna (mother of Mary)
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Anna (mother of Mary)
3. In NT apocryphal writings, notably the Protevangelium of James, the mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus. See Apocryphal Gospel II.B.D. M. Pratt
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Anna (Gk. Hánna)1. The wife of Tobit and mother of Tobias (Tob. 1:9, 20). She exemplifies the good wife and dutiful mother.2. An elderly widow of the tribe of Asher who devoutly served daily at the temple and was there at the presentation of the infant Jesus (Luke 2:36–38). She, like Simeon, recognized
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Anne, St
Anne, St, Mother of the BVM. Her name (not found in the Bible) and the legend of her life occur already in the *Protevangelium of James (2nd cent.). A church was erected at *Constantinople in her honour by the Emp. *Justinian I (d. 565) and relics and pictures at Rome (S. Maria Antiqua) date from
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Anna, St.
Anna (St.).—According to old traditions, the saintly mother of the Blessed Virgin, whose name, Anna, signifies grace, was descended on her father’s side from the tribe of Levi, and on her mother’s side from the tribe of Juda. She was born in Bethlehem and was married, while still a pure and pious virgin,
A Dictionary of Christian Biography, Literature, Sects and Doctrines, Volumes I–IV
ANNE, ST. Anna (Heb. חַנָּה‎, grace, or prayer; Gr. Ἄννα), the wife of Joachim and mother of the Virgin Mary.The story of her married life and the wondrous birth of her daughter is found in three of the Apocryphal Gospels.The narrative in the Evangelium de Nativitate S. Mariae (Thilo’s Codex Apocryphus,
All the People in the Bible: An A–Z Guide to the Saints, Scoundrels, and Other Characters in Scripture
Anna [an-uh] (Ἅννα, = חנה, “Grace”) (1) the wife of Tobit (Tob. 1:20) (2) a prophetess who witnessed the presentation of Jesus in the temple (Luke 2:36) (3) the mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus; not mentioned by name in the New Testament
Anna the Mother of Mary
Anna the Mother of MaryAnna (or Hannah) is not mentioned in the Bible, but she plays a very important part in ancient Christian tradition as the mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus. She is a major character in the third-century pseudepigraphical “Protevangelium of James,” a fanciful “infancy gospel”
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
ANNA an´uh [Ἅννα Hanna]. 1. In the story of Tobit, Anna supports her blind husband by weaving (women’s work), responds angrily when he challenges the reward she received for her work, weeps when her son leaves them for a long journey, grieves and watches when her son returns late, and rejoices when