Ann Lee
b. February 29, 1736 – d. September 8, 1784 • Religious group founder
The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians
Lee, Ann
Lee, Ann (1736–84). Leader of the “Shaking Quakers” movement, which is a variant of the Quakers. Commonly called Mother Ann or Mother Ann Lee. She was born on February 29, 1736, in Manchester, England and began to work at a very early age in the textile mills. At the age of twenty-two and without any
Who’s Who in Christian History
Lee, Ann
Lee, Ann (1736–1784)Founder of the “Shakers,” a communalistic and celibate organization arising near Manchester, England, about 1758 and later spreading to AmericaLee was convinced by Quaker preachers that Christ’s return was imminent. Placed in the jail of her native town, Manchester, for her own