Andrew Marvell
b. March 21, 1621 – d. August 16, 1678 • Poet • Politician
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Marvell, Andrew
Marvell, Andrew(1621–78). Along with John Donne, Andrew Marvell was among the finest of the metaphysical poets of 17th-century England. In addition to his dense, witty verse in this style, he also wrote political satire and pastoral poetry. In his lifetime, however, Marvell’s outstanding poetry was
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Marvell, Andrew
Marvell, Andrew (1621–1678)English poetBest known in his own time for his political interests, Marvell won recognition as a gifted metaphysical poet in the twentieth century. He was born at Winestead, Yorkshire, where his father was a Calvinist clergyman. At thirteen he entered Cambridge and took his