Andrew Fuller
b. February 6, 1754 – d. May 7, 1815 • Baptist • Religious group founder • Theologian
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Fuller, Andrew
Fuller, Andrew (1754–1815), *Baptist divine. A native of Cambridgeshire, he was ordained pastor of the Baptist congregation at Soham in 1775, and in 1782 became minister at Kettering. While at Soham he published The Gospel worthy of all Acceptation [1785], a book directed against the extreme form of
Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith
Fuller, Andrew
Fuller, Andrew (1754–1815)Baptist theologian and advocate of foreign missions. Fuller was minister of Soham Baptist church, Cambridgeshire (1775), and Kettering Baptist church, Northamptonshire (1782). He was self taught and studied Scripture and such authors as Jonathan Edwards Thereby he evolved an
New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic
Fuller, Andrew (1754–1815)
FULLER, ANDREW (1754–1815)Andrew Fuller was an English Particular (Calvinistic) *Baptist whose reputation as a theologian largely rests on his Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation (1785). This challenged the High Calvinism (see *Hyper-Calvinism) associated with John *Gill by contending that it was the ‘duty’
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Fuller, Andrew
Fuller, Andrew (1754–1815)Founding father of the English Baptist Missionary Society; an advocate of evangelistic CalvinismBorn in Wicken, Cambridgeshire, Fuller joined the Soham Baptist Church at the age of sixteen. Even though he had had no formal training in theology, he was called to be its minister