Ancient Biography
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Ancient Biography
Ancient Biography A corpus of works written from the fifth century bc to the fourth century ad about the life of a person.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Biography, Ancient
BIOGRAPHY, ANCIENT. The question of the genre of the gospels has made this topic a matter of interest to modern scholars. A discussion of ancient biography must begin with those writings that call themselves “lives” (Gk bioi; Lat vitae) and seek to discern what it is that holds them together as a literary
Dictionary of New Testament Background
Biography, Ancient
BIOGRAPHY, ANCIENTAncient biography is an important subject for the study of the NT background because of its relationship to the genre of the Gospels. Debate about whether the Gospels are biographies or not has gone in a full circle over the last century of critical scholarship. Modern literary theory
Compton’s Encyclopedia
biographyA narrative that records the actions and recreates the personality of an individual is called a biography (from a Greek term meaning “life-writing”). An individual who writes the story of his or her own life is creating an autobiography, meaning self-biography (see autobiography).
Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry & Writings
AUTOBIOGRAPHYThe OT contains a small number of texts that may be considered autobiographies, and a larger number of autobiographical texts. An awareness of how these texts function and what literary devices they employ can aid our understanding of their meanings.1. Definition2. Functions of Autobiography
Evangelical Dictionary of Theology
Biography. Christian writers have sometimes used the genre of biography (and autobiography) as a means for theological reflection. The canonical Gospel accounts, which follow the pattern of Greco-Roman biography, or ancient bios, in many ways give scriptural precedence for exploring theological questions
Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity
AUTOBIOGRAPHY. Greco-Roman antiquity produced an abundant and diversified literature, which manifested a strong interest in autobiography. Only rarely, however, did it produce autobiographical works with the principles and formal structure of a genuine literary genre, comparable in richness and precision
BIOGRAPHY. When Christians began to write biography, the literary genre of bíos (the word biographia is first attested at the end of the 5th c. in *Damascius’s Vita Isidori; cf. *Photius, Bibl. Cod. 181 and 242) already had a long history behind it in Greco-Roman civilization. Already in the 6th c. BC
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
BIOGRAPHY. Traditionally, the Gospels were read as “the story of Jesus.” In the 19th cent., biographies took up the historical challenge of explaining their subjects through an account of their upbringing, psychological development and so forth, and of setting their activities in a wider historical context.