Ananias (in the genealogy of Judith)
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Ananias, Ancestor of Judith
Ananias, Ancestor of Judith The son of Gideon and father of Elkiah (Judith 8:1). Listed in the book of Judith as an ancestor of the book’s heroine.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Ananias (Person)
ANANIAS (PERSON) [Gk Hananias (Ἁνανιας)]. Probably a transcription of the not uncommon Hebrew name ḥănanĕyāh, “God is merciful,” with a Greek ending. Here we are concerned with five individuals who bore this name.1. The angel Raphael claims that he is Tobit’s kinsman Azariah, the son of the great
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Ananias [an-uh--us (Ἀνανίας = חנניה, “Yahweh Is Gracious”)] (1) the father of Azariah (28), the disguise taken by the angel Raphael; the same as Hananiah (16) (Tob. 5:12) (2) an ancestor of Judith (Jth. 8:1) (3) a Christian of Jerusalem, the husband of Sapphira (Acts 5:1) (4) a Damascene Christian
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