Amos (prophet)
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Amos.—The third of the minor prophets, was a herdsman of Thecue, a small town of Juda, about twelve miles southeast of Jerusalem. His prophecies, contained in nine chapters, are distinguished for their poetic simplicity. We remark, therein, the employment of Aramaic forms approaching the popular language.
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Amos [Ay-muhs](Hebrew origin: Burdensome)(Amos 1:1). 8th century b.c. The prophet Amos was born in the town of Tekoa, in the kingdom of Judah. He was a herdsman and a gatherer of sycamore fruit, not a member of a professional prophetic guild.Amos received the divine call to go and preach to the people
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AmosWhile the prophet Amos’s book is relatively short, his work was of the utmost importance. It is the third among the so-called “Minor Prophets,”1 although he was the earliest of them in time.Amos ranks among the greatest of the prophets, having begun a major new era in the development of Hebrew
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