Alexandrian scholarship
Alexandrian school • School of Alexandria
Dictionary of New Testament Background
Alexandrian Scholarship
ALEXANDRIAN SCHOLARSHIPThroughout the Ptolemaic, Roman and Byzantine periods, Alexandria was one of the great centers of scholarship and learning and attracted the most distinguished scholars of the time. This climate of research was engendered from the city’s earliest times through the direct patronage
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Alexandrian School
Alexandrian SchoolThe school established in Alexandria in the late second century by Pantænus, which became the centre of one of the two opposing systems of Bible interpretation in the church (the other being the Antiochan*) until they were in effect brought together in the fourfold understanding of
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Alexandrian School
ALEXANDRIAN SCHOOLThe great city of Alexandria, on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt just west of the Nile delta, had, since its foundation by Alexander the Great, been one of the leading intellectual centres of the Hellenic world, prominent especially in philosophical, literary, mathematical and scientific