Alexandrian Library
Library of Alexandria
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Alexandrian Library
ALEXANDRIAN LIBRARYThe great library of Alexandria contributed significantly to Alexandria’s reputation of being paramount among cities. In a climate of intense rivalry, the Ptolemies of Egypt, the Seleucids of Syria and the Attalids of Pergamum all endeavored to establish world-class libraries. The
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Alexandrian Library
Alexandrian Library.—History and tradition assures us that the Alexandria Library was the most famous and valuable one of antiquity. It was founded by Ptolemy Soter, and during its most flourishing period, it is said to have contained 400,000, or, according to another authority, 700,000 volumes or rolls.
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Alexandria, Library of
Alexandria, Library of The great Library of Alexandria was founded in the early third century BCE by scholar and autocrat Demetrios of Phaleron under the patronage of Ptolemy I Soter. Celebrated as the world’s first attempt at a global collection of human knowledge, the library’s holdings were reckoned