Alexander Kilham
b. July 20, 1762 – d. 1798 • Methodist • Religious group founder
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Kilham, Alexander
Kilham, Alexander (1762–98), founder of the ‘*Methodist New Connexion’. The son of *Methodist parents, he was admitted a preacher in 1785. After J. *Wesley’s death in 1791, he became leader of the radical wing of the movement and advocated complete separation from the Established Church and lay representation
Who’s Who in Christian History
Kilham, Alexander
Kilham, Alexander (1762–1798)Founder of the “Methodist New Connexion”Born at Epworth, Lincolnshire (England) of Methodist parents, Kilham joined the local Methodist society and became a preacher when he was twenty-five. At first he traveled as assistant to Robert C. Brackenbury, a rich man who had