Alexander Henderson
b. 1583 – d. August 19, 1646 • Covenanter • Religious group founder • Theologian
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Henderson, Alexander
Henderson, Alexander (c. 1583–1646), Scottish Covenanting leader. As an Episcopalian he obtained a professorship at St Andrews, and in 1611 or 1612 was appointed to the parish of Leuchars in Fife. By 1618 he was sufficiently in sympathy with *Presbyterianism to oppose the Articles of *Perth, and later
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Henderson, Alexander
Henderson, Alexander (1583–1646)Scottish CovenanterBorn in Fife and educated at St. Andrews University, Henderson taught there until becoming the episcopally appointed minister at Leuchars in 1612. Some years later he experienced a spiritual awakening, largely through hearing Robert Bruce preach. Soon