Albert of Brandenburg
b. June 28, 1490 – d. September 24, 1545 • Bishop
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Albert of Brandenburg
Albert of Brandenburg (1490–1545), Cardinal Abp. and Elector of Mainz. He was successively a prebendary of Mainz (1509), Abp. of Magdeburg (1513), and Abp. of Mainz (1514). In 1518 he was created cardinal. Entrusted by *Leo X in 1517 with the publication in Saxony and Brandenburg of the Indulgence
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Albert of Brandenburg
ALBERT OF BRANDENBURG (1490–1545)Member of the important Hohenzollern family of North GermanyThe Hohenzollerns had their power base in Brandenburg and were contesting with Saxony for dominance in the area. In 1513, Albert, youngest brother of elector Joachim of Brandenburg and first cousin of Albert