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Agrippa II
Agrippa II (Ἀγρίππας, Agrippas). Son of Agrippa I and king of the Jews from ca. ad 53–100.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Agrippa (Person)
AGRIPPA (PERSON) [Gk Agrippas (Ἀγριππας)]. The name held by two Herodian rulers in 1st century Palestine. Josephus’ writings constitute our primary source of information for both, although both are also mentioned in the NT book of Acts: Agrippa I as the “Herod” who persecuted the early church in Jerusalem
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Agrippa. Name of two Roman rulers of Judea from the Herodian family line.See Herod, Herodian Family.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
AGRIPPA Name of two Roman rulers of Judea from the Herodian family line. See Herod, Herodian Family.
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Agrippa I
Agrippa I.the grandson of Herod the Great, and son of Aristobulus and Bernice. The Roman emperor Caligula made him governor first of the territories of Philip, then of the tetrarchy of Lysanias, with the title of king (“king Herod”), and finally of that of Antipas, who was banished, and of Samaria and
Agrippa II
Agrippa II.son of the foregoing, was born at Rome, 27. He was the brother of Bernice and Drusilla. The Emperor Claudius (48) invested him with the office of superintendent of the Temple of Jerusalem, and made him governor (50) of Chalcis. He was afterwards raised to the rank of king, and made governor
Herod Agrippa I
Herod Agrippa I.son of Aristobulus and Bernice, and grandson of Herod the Great. He was made tetrarch of the provinces formerly held by Lysanias II., and ultimately possessed the entire kingdom of his grandfather, Herod the Great, with the title of king. He put the apostle James the elder to death,
Herod Arippa II
Herod Agrippa II.the son of Herod Agrippa I. and Cypros. The emperor Claudius made him tetrarch of the provinces of Philip and Lysanias, with the title of king (Acts 25:13; 26:2, 7). He enlarged the city of Caesarea Philippi, and called it Neronias, in honour of Nero. It was before him and his sister
Harper’s Bible Dictionary
Agrippa I
Agrippa IAgrippa I (uh-gripʹuh) Herod Agrippa I, son of Aristobulus and Bernice and grandson of Herod the Great. He was born ca. 10 b.c. and sent to Rome when he was six, shortly before the death of his grandfather, to be educated in the company of Drusus, son of the emperor Tiberius, and Claudius.
Agrippa II
Agrippa IIAgrippa II (uh-gripʹuh) Herod Agrippa II or Marcus Julius Agrippa, the last of the Herodian house to hold a kingdom. When his father, Agrippa I, died suddenly in a.d. 44, Agrippa II was only seventeen and was being educated in Rome. The emperor Claudius, though well disposed toward him, did
Bible Characters, Volume 5 (Stephen–Timothy)
King Agrippa
CIIIKing AgrippaKING AGRIPPA was the grandson of Herod the Great, and he had succeeded to the shattered throne of his fathers; or rather, he had succeeded to such splinters of that throne as Cæsar had permitted him to set up. Agrippa was a king, but he was a king only in name. The Jews, as they themselves
Ecclesiastical Dictionary: Containing, in Concise Form, Information upon Ecclesiastical, Biblical, Archæological, and Historical Subjects
Agrippa.—Name of two of the Herodian family. 1. A grandson of Herod the Great, was raised by Caligula from a prison to a throne, and ultimately became king of all Palestine. He affected to be a Pharisee, and to please the Jews he caused St. James to be beheaded, and threw St. Peter into prison, whence
The Ultimate Who’s Who in the Bible
Agrippa [Uh-grip-uh](Greek origin: Wild-horse tamer)(Acts of the Apostles 25:13). a.d. 1st century. King Agrippa—Herod Agrippa II—was the great grandson of Herod I the Great, and the last of the Herodian dynasty.Agrippa, who was raised and educated at the imperial court in Rome, became king of Chalcis,
The Westminster Bible Dictionary
A-gripʹpa. The name of two members of the Herodian family mentioned in the New Testament.1. The grandson of Herod the Great, whose name he bore as a surname, and under the emperor Caligula the king of all Palestine. To conciliate the Jews he slew with the sword the apostle James and shut up in prison
Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Volumes I–III
AGRIPPA, an ancient name among the Romans, was first used as a praenomen, and afterwards as a cognomen. It frequently occurs as a cognomen in the early times of the empire, but not under the republic. One of the mythical kings of Alba is called by this name. (Liv. i. 3.) According to Aulus Gellius (xvi.
All the People in the Bible: An A–Z Guide to the Saints, Scoundrels, and Other Characters in Scripture
Agrippa [uh-grip-uh] (Ἀγρίππας, named for the Roman general Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa) (1) Herod Agrippa I, king of Judea 41–44 ce; executed James (1) and arrested Peter (Acts 12:1) (2) Herod Agrippa II, king of Chalcis and later of Galilee; son of Agrippa I; attended the trial of Paul in Caesarea
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