Agrarian Laws
Land Laws
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Agrarian Laws
Agrarian Laws Laws related to landed property and cultivated land, including all laws concerning the preservation of soil, regulation of irrigation, and protection of rights concerning landed property. The only laws in the OT that can be assigned to this class are those relating to the fallow in the
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AGRARIAN LAWS<a-gra’-ri-an loz>:The Mosaic provisions on this subject form one of the most characteristic and interesting portions of the legislation. The main institutions are two, namely, the Sabbath year and the jubilee, and they are closely linked together.
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LAND LAWS. Pentateuchal legislation that governs the apportionment of land to the Israelite tribes, regulates inheritance and sale of land by mandating that it be retained within the families to which it is allotted, and provides rest for the land. Numbers 27:6–11 and 36:5–9 mandate inheritance within