Age of accountability
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Accountability, Age of
ACCOUNTABILITY, AGE OF Age at which God holds children accountable for their sins. When persons come to this point, they face the inevitability of divine judgment if they fail to repent and believe the gospel.Scripture speaks plainly of the need for sinful humans to be converted in order to have eternal
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Age of Accountability
AGE OF ACCOUNTABILITYIn pursuance of that aspect of the association of body and soul that we now have to consider, we maintain that the puberty of the soul coincides with that of the body. Generally speaking, they both attain together this full growth at about the fourteenth year of life. The soul attains
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Age of Accountability
Age of Accountability. A theme stemming from the dual biblical emphasis on God’s righteous judgment and each person’s responsibility to be ready for this divine encounter. Therefore accountability is tied to one’s ability to act responsibly. The locus classicus is Romans 14:12: “Each of us will give