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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Affection [Heb. daddayim—‘breasts’] (Prov. 5:19); AV “breasts”; NEB LOVE; [GK. splánchna—‘bowels’] (2 Cor. 6:12; Phil. 1:8; 2:1); AV “bowels”; NEB “(your)self,” “deep yearning,” “warmth of affection”; [GK. philóstorgos] (Rom. 12:10); AV “kindly affectioned”; [GK. homeíromai] (1 Thess. 2:8); AV, RSV,
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Affectionfeeling or emotion. Mention is made of “vile affections” (Rom. 1:26) and “inordinate affection” (Col. 3:5). Christians are exhorted to set their affections on things above (Col. 3:2). There is a distinction between natural and spiritual or gracious affections (Ezek. 33:32).
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
AFFECT; AFFECTION<a-fekt’>, <a-fek’-shun>: The literal meaning of “affect” is to act upon (Latin ad, “to,” “upon,” facio, “to do”). It has various shades of meaning, and occurs in the following senses in the English Bible:1. In its literal sense: Lamentations 3:51, “Mine eye affecteth my
A Catholic Dictionary
affinity, in the proper sense of the word, is the connection which arises from cohabitation between each one of the two parties cohabiting, and the blood-relations of the other. It is regarded as an impediment to marriage in the Jewish, Roman, and canon law.In the Jewish law a man is forbidden, by reason
Dictionary of Theological Terms
AffectionsTheologically, some see the affections as the inclination or disposition of the will,* which is fundamentally governed by love for God or love for self. All other affections, or responses to objects that affect us, are really expressions of the basic affection or disposition of our will.Others
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
Affect, Affection
AFFECT, AFFECTION, a-fektʹ, a-fekʹshun: The lit. meaning of “affect” is to act upon (Lat ad, “to,” “upon,” facio, “to do”). It has various shades of meaning, and occurs in the following senses in the Eng. Bible: (1) In its lit. sense: Lam 3:51, “Mine eye affecteth my soul.” (2) In the sense of “to endeavor
The Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia
AffectionsAccording to Jonathan Edwards, the “affections” represent “the more vigorous and sensible exercises of the inclination and will of the soul” (WJE 2:97). As forces stir within the heart, “gracious” affections bridge the rational and material and promote an active, visceral engagement with the
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Ro 12:10

being devoted to one another in brotherly love, esteeming one another more highly in honor,

1 Th 2:8

Longing for you in this way, we determined to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own souls, because you had become dear to us.