Adolf Jülicher
b. January 26, 1857 – d. August 2, 1938 • Scholar
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Jülicher, Adolf
Jülicher, Adolf (1857–1938), NT scholar. Born at Falkenberg, he received a pastoral appointment at Rummelsburg near Berlin in 1882. From 1889 to 1923 he was professor of theology at Marburg. His two principal writings were Die Gleichnisreden Jesu (2 vols., 1888–9), in which he insisted that the Lord’s
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Jülicher, Adolf
Jülicher, Adolf (1867–1938)German biblical scholarBorn at Falkenberg, Jülicher was a pastor at Rummelsburg near Berlin before becoming a professor. He remained professor of theology at Marburg University from 1889 to 1923. His fame rests primarily on two influential books. The first, Die Gleichnisreden