Admonition • Censure • Forewarn • Warning
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Admonish [Heb. ‘ûḏ; Gk. nouthetéō]; AV also PROTEST (1 K. 2:42), TESTIFY (Ps. 81:8), WARN; NEB also “give solemn warning” (1 K. 2:42), “give a solemn charge” (Ps. 81:8), COUNSEL (Acts 20:31), “bring to reason” (1 Cor. 4:14), etc.; ADMONISHING [GK. nouthesía] (Tit. 3:10); AV ADMONITION; NEB WARN;
A Catholic Dictionary
censure may be defined as a spiritual penalty, imposed for the correction and amendment of offenders, by which a baptised person, who has committed a crime and is contumacious, is deprived by ecclesiastical authority of the use of certain spiritual advantages. Thus a censure presupposes not only guilt
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Censure of Books
Censure of Books.—The right which ecclesiastical superiors have to remove every influence contrary to the unity and purity of faith and the life of the Church, implies also the right to censure writings concerning religion, morals, and the Church, if such writings be found contrary to good morals or