Administration of Palestine
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Palestine, Administration of, Neo-Assyrian
Palestine, Administration of, Neo-Assyrian Reviews the forms of governance in the southern Levant under the Neo-Assyrian Empire (853–609 bc).
Palestine, Administration of, Neo-Babylonian
Palestine, Administration of, Neo-Babylonian Reviews the forms of governance in the southern Levant from 620–539 bc under the Neo-Babylonian Empire.
Palestine, Administration of, Persian
Palestine, Administration of, Persian Surveys this historical period and structure of governance. After the fall of Babylon and before the rise of Alexander the Great, the land known in the Bible as Israel and Judah was subject to the Persian Empire, also known as the Achaemenid Empire (539–332 bc).
Palestine, Administration of, Ptolemaic
Palestine, Administration of, Ptolemaic Overviews the rule of Palestine by the Ptolemaic dynasty, the governing body of ancient Israel ca. 323–200 bc.
Palestine, Administration of, Roman
Palestine, Administration of, Roman Covers the Roman government structure of the ancient land of Israel leading up to and during the first century ad.
Palestine, Administration of, Seleucid
Palestine, Administration of, Seleucid Overviews the governmental structure of ancient Palestine during the rule of the Seleucids, ca. 198–142 bc.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Palestine, Administration of
PALESTINE, ADMINISTRATION OF. With the collapse first of Samaria (722 b.c.) and then of Jerusalem (586 b.c.), political control of the land of Canaan passed from Israelite/Judean hands into the hands of successive conquering empires. This entry surveys how those various imperial powers arranged to administer
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
PALESTINE, ADMINISTRATION OF. When, in the 8th cent. bce, Assyrian authority expanded to include Israel, Israel was allowed to continue as a vassal state. When the Israelite kings became problematical, inefficient, or rebelled, the Assyrian emperor replaced the puppet kingdom with an Assyrian province