Adalbert of Bremen
b. AD 1000 – d. March 16, 1072
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Adalbert of Bremen
Adalbert of Bremen (c. 1000–72), German Archbishop. He was the descendant of a noble Saxon family. In 1032 he became canon at Bremen, later provost of Halberstadt Cathedral, and in 1043 Abp. of Bremen-Hamburg. He was an energetic promoter of missionary activities, esp. in the Nordic countries, Scandinavia,
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Adalbert of Bremen
Adalbert of Bremen.—Appointed by the Emperor Henry III. Archbishop of Bremen and of Hamburg in 1043; legate of the Pope in 1050. He was a man of genius, but domineering and violent. After the death of Henry III., he was for some time tutor of Henry IV., whom he wished to acquire absolute power, in order