Abuse of Jurisprudence
Judicial blindness
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Jurisprudence, Abuse Of
Jurisprudence, Abuse OfAmong the Hebrews before the conquest of Canaan, disputes in the family or clan would be settled by the natural head (Heb. ʾāḇ) of the family or clan. This custom was prevalent in nomadic or seminomadic societies. According to Ex. 18, Moses as leader of the tribes settled all
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Judicial Blindness
JUDICIAL BLINDNESS. The paralysis of spiritual perception which comes on the mind and heart of one who trifles with or rejects God’s gracious offer of salvation. This is a subject which occupies an important place in both OT and NT.A judgment of God. In Ps 69:23 (“Let their eyes be darkened, that they
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BLINDNESS, JUDICIAL<ju-dish’-al>, <joo-dish’-al>: Among the ancient Israelites in the pre-Canaanite period disputes within the family or clan or tribe would be settled by the natural head of the family or clan or tribe. According to Exodus 18 Moses, as the leader of the tribes, settled all disputes.
Dictionary of Luther and the Lutheran Traditions
JurisprudenceThe Reformation was a theological movement that integrated legal issues into it and thus influenced modern institutions of public and private law, especially in the areas of education, marriage, and the relief of the poor. The Reformers were indebted to medieval and humanist legal teachings,
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