Abu Ghosh
Abu Gosh • Ghosh
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Abu Ghosh
ABU GHOSH (M.R. 160134). A prepottery Neolithic B (PPNB) site located within the limits of the present-day village of the same name. It is in the Judean hills ca. 12 km W of Jerusalem, 700 m above sea level. R. Neuville first explored the site in 1928 after flint artifacts and stone vessel fragments
The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
Abu Gosh
ABU GOSH The modern village of Abu Gosh is situated 9 miles to the west of Jerusalem. Within the limits of the village remains of prehistoric times, and of the Roman, Byzantine and later periods have been found. The earlier remains were excavated by J. Perrot in 1950, on behalf of the French Commission
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
GHOSH, ABU. The small (ca. 9 acres) Neolithic village of Abu Ghosh is located on a broad terrace about 7 mi. west of Jerusalem, only a few hundred yards from biblical Tel Qiryat Ye‘arim. Despite the lack of radiocarbon dates, the main occupation of the village was by early farmers during the Middle Pre-Pottery