Absalom’s Monument
Absalom’s Pillar • Absalom’s Place
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Absalom’s Pillar
Absalom’s Pillar, or Place, a monument or tomb which Absalom had built during his lifetime in the king’s dale, i.e., the valley of the Kedron, at the foot of Mount Olivet, near Jerusalem, 2 Sam. 18:18, comp. with 14:27, for his three sons, and where he probably expected to be buried. The tomb there now,
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Absalom's Monument
ABSALOM’S MONUMENT — a pillar or monument that Absalom set up for himself in the King’s Valley (2 Sam. 18:18; Absalom’s place, KJV). What a contrast to his dishonored grave (2 Sam. 18:17)!
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