Abraham Kuyper
b. October 29, 1837 – d. November 8, 1920 • Politician • Religious group founder • Theologian
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Kuyper, Abraham
Kuyper, Abraham (1837–1920), Dutch *Calvinist theologian and politician. Having studied theology at *Leiden, where he was influenced by the rationalistic modernism of his professors, J. H. Scholten and L. W. E. Rawenhof, he became a minister at Beesd. The example of the simple piety of his parishioners
Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith
Kuyper, Abraham
Kuyper, Abraham (1837–1920)The foremost leader of the neo-Calvinist movement that arose in the Netherlands around 1870 and left a deep imprint on Dutch life, especially its Reformed circles, for a hundred years thereafter. Kuyper not only formed the ideology of the movement but directed many of its
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Kuyper, Abraham
Kuyper, Abraham (1837–1920). Calvinist theologian of the Reformed Church of the Netherlands. He served his faith, his church, and his nation as pastor, journalist, professor of theology, and politician. He studied in Leiden, where he was influenced by modernist rationalism, but in his pastorates from
The Thiselton Companion to Christian Theology
Kuyper, Abraham
Kuyper, AbrahamAbraham Kuyper (1837–1920) was ordained into the Dutch Reformed Church, was educated at Leyden, and in 1880 took a prominent part in the founding of the Free University of Amsterdam. He became increasingly concerned about theological liberalism, and in 1892 his Christian Reformed Church
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Kuyper, Abraham
Kuyper, Abraham (1837–1920). A strong advocate of classic *Calvinism in the Dutch Reformed Church, Kuyper ministered as a pastor, a churchman and a member of Parliament, and for four years, he served as the prime minister of the Netherlands. Kuyper was committed first and last to the absolute sovereignty
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Kuyper, Abraham
Kuyper, Abraham (1837–1920). Dutch pastor, theologian and politician associated with the rise of *neo-Calvinism in Europe and North America. Kuyper became disillusioned with Dutch liberalism and poured his energy into promoting an alternative by establishing two newspapers, forming the Anti-Revolutionary
Evangelical Dictionary of Theology
Kuyper, Abraham
Kuyper, Abraham (1837–1920). A Dutch theologian and statesman. Born in Maassluis, Kuyper was the son of a Reformed Church minister. At the University of Leiden he was a brilliant student who embraced liberalism. During his first pastorate, in Beesd, he experienced evangelical conversion. Influenced by
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Kuyper, Abraham (1837–1920)
KUYPER, ABRAHAM (1837–1920)The son of a Dutch Reformed Church minister, Kuyper was born in Maasluis, the Netherlands. At the University of Leiden he distinguished himself as a brilliant student and strong advocate of liberalism. During his first pastorate, in the small fishing village of Beesd, Kuyper
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Kuyper, Abraham
Kuyper, Abraham (1837–1920)Theologian and statesman of the NetherlandsWidely recognized as historian, theologian, philosopher, writer, and professor-educator, Kuyper was born in Maassluis, the son of a State Church (Reformed) pastor, later to accompany his family to the university town of Leyden, where