Abraham Kuenen
b. September 16, 1828 – d. December 10, 1891 • Protestant • Theologian
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Kuenen, Abraham
Kuenen, Abraham (1828–91), Dutch OT scholar. Appointed professor at Leiden in 1855, he became one of the most prominent advocates of liberal theological thought in the Netherlands. At first he was a follower of H. G. A. *Ewald, under whose influence he wrote his Historisch-Kritisch Onderzoek (3 vols.,
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Kuenen, Abraham
Kuenen, Abraham (1828–1891)Dutch theologianBorn in Haarlem (the Netherlands), Kuenen studied at Leyden University, where he attracted his teachers’ attention because of his aptitude for theological studies. From 1855 onward he served on the faculty at Leyden, variously in Old Testament, New Testament,