Abishua (son of Bela)
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Abishua, Son of Bela
Abishua, Son of Bela (אֲבִישׁוּעַ‎, avishua'). A descendant of Benjamin identified as the son of Bela. (1 Chr 8:4).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Abishua (Person)
ABISHUA (PERSON) [Heb ʾăbı̂šûaʿ (אֲבִישׁוּעַ‎)]. 1. A high priest of the tribe of Levi and grandson of Eleazar (1 Chr 5:30–31—Eng 6:4–5; 6:35—Eng 6:50). In the post-exilic Jewish community, Ezra’s authority was legitimized by proof of descent through the high priest Abishua (Ezra 7:5; 1 Esdr 8:2; 2
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Abishua. 1. Aaron’s great-grandson, son of Phinehas, and ancestor of Ezra the scribe (1 Chr 6:4, 5, 50; Ezr 7:5). Abishua’s name also appears in the apocryphal genealogy of Ezra (1 Esd 8:2; 2 Esd 1:2).2. Bela’s son and grandson of Benjamin (1 Chr 8:4).
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Abishua ə-bishʹū-ə, ab-ə-shoo̅ʹə [Heb. aḇîšû (a)‘—meaning uncertain].
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
ABISHUA1. Aaron’s great-grandson, son of Phinehas and ancestor of Ezra (1 Chr 6:4–5, 50; Ezr 7:5). Abishua’s name also appears in the apocryphal genealogy of Ezra (1 Esd 8:2; 2 Esd 1:2).2. Bela’s son, and grandson of Benjamin (1 Chr 8:4).
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Abishua (ah-bish´oo-uh; Heb., “my father is deliverance”).1 The son of Phineas and great-grandson of Aaron; he served as a priest (1 Chron. 6:4–5, 50) and was an ancestor of Ezra (Ezra 7:5).2 A Benjaminite, the son of Bela (1 Chron. 8:4).
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
ABISHUA1. A Benjamite, a son of Bela (1 Chr 8:4).2. A descendant of Aaron, he was the son of Phinehas, the priest, and ancestor of Ezra (1 Chr 6:4, 50; Ezr 7:5).
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Abishua (Heb. ʾăḇɩ̂šûaʿ)1. The son of the high priest Phinehas (1 Chr. 6:4 [MT 5:30]) and great-grandson of Aaron (6:50 [35]). According to Ezra 7:5 he was an ancestor of Ezra the scribe.2. A Benjaminite, one of the sons of Bela, and grandson of Benjamin (1 Chr. 8:4).
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Abishua [ə bĭshˊ o ̆o ə] (Heb. ˓aḇîšûa˓. possibly “my father is deliverance”).
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Abishu´a, or Abish´u-a (father of deliverance).1. Son of Bela, of the tribe of Benjamin. 1 Chron. 8:4.2. Son of Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, and father of Bukki, in the genealogy of the high priests. 1 Chron. 6:4, 5, 50, 51; Ezra 7:4, 5.
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
ABISH´UA (a-bishʹū-a; “father of salvation”).1. The son of Phinehas (grandson of Aaron), and fourth high priest of the Jews (1 Chron. 6:4–5, 50; Ezra 7:5).2. One of the sons of Bela, the son of Benjamin (1 Chron. 8:4); possibly the same as Jerimoth (7:7).
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Abishuafather of welfare; i.e., “fortunate.” (1.) The grandson of Benjamin (1 Chr. 8:4).(2.) The son of Phinehas the high priest (1 Chr. 6:4, 5, 50; Ezra 7:5).
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