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Abel (Prefix)
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Abel āʹbəl [Heb. ’āḇēl—‘meadow’]. A word used in several compound names of places. It appears by itself as the name of a city concerned in the rebellion of Sheba (2 S. 20:18), though it is there probably an abridgment of the name Abel-beth-maacah (cf. vv 14f). In 1 S. 6:18, where the Hebrew has
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
ABEL1. The second son of Adam, who was a shepherd. His offering to God was from the “firstlings of the flock,” an offering more acceptable than Cain’s offering of grain and vegetables. Whether Abel’s was preferred because it involved the shedding of life and hence was symbolic of life, or whether it
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
ABEL. An element of certain place-names, chiefly in Transjordan. The traditional interpretation ‘meadow’ is not at all certain, and Baumgartner (KB, p. 7) prefers ‘brook, watercourse’, comparing Heb. ’ûḇāl, yûḇāl, yāḇāl. Abel of MT of 1 Sa. 6:18 (cf. av) is probably a textual error, and ’eḇen
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Abel Stone of
A´bel, Stone of (“the great abel”), the place where the ark rested in the field of Joshua at Beth-shemesh. 1 Sam. 6:18.
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
A´BEL (Heb. ˒ābēl, “watercourse”).1. A word used as a prefix in a number of cases (2 Sam. 20:14, 18). See Abel-beth-maachah.2. A great stone (1 Sam. 6:18) near Beth-shemesh, upon which the Philistines set the Ark when they returned it to Israel.
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