A Proselyte
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Proselyte (προσήλυτος, prosēlytos). Religious convert, especially to Judaism. One of the primary terms used to designate a Gentile (non-Jewish) convert to Judaism.
Proselyte, Critical Issues
Sojourner (גֵּר‎, ger, προσήλυτος, prosēlytos). A resident alien living among a people of another nationality; used in the Old Testament to refer to foreigners living among the people of Israel.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
PROSELYTE [Gk proselytos (προσελυτος)]. In antiquity the term “proselyte” was used only in the context of Judaism. In the LXX it translates Heb gēr, a word designating a resident alien or sojourner in the land. Later it became a technical term for a convert to Judaism, thus representing one aspect of
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Proselyte. Gentile who signified his wish to convert to Judaism by being circumcised, baptized, and offering a sacrifice in the temple.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
PROSELYTE* Gentile who converted to Judaism by being circumcised, baptized, and offering a sacrifice in the temple.Foreigners who resided on some fairly permanent basis in Palestine in OT times were encouraged to become integrated into the full religious life of Israel through circumcision (Ex 12:48).
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
proselyte (pros´uh-lit), a convert from one religious faith or group to another. In biblical studies this term usually refers to Gentiles who become Jews. In the Hebrew Bible, many laws recognize the rights and place of resident aliens, non-Israelites living permanently in Israel. They had to observe
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
PROSELYTE. The word is derived from Gr. prosēlytos, a newcomer or visitor, the usual rendering in the LXX of the Heb. gēr. In the OT gēr meant a stranger or alien, a member of community from which he did not originate. In a progressive use of the term, the Mishnah of the second temple period used
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
PROSELYTE. A proselyte was a Gentile who, through conversion, committed himself/herself to the practice of the Jewish law, exclusive devotion to Yahweh and integration into the Jewish community.The Heb. term gēr first meant a resident alien, not necessarily with religious affiliations—indeed the same
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
ProselyteA convert from one faith or community to another. In the LXX Gk. prosḗlytos translates Heb. gēr, “resident alien” or “stranger” (e.g., Exod. 20:10); this status was higher than the noḵrɩ̂, “temporary resident,” and thus equal to the native-born Israelite (cf. Exod. 12:49; Num. 15:16, 29).
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Proselyte (Gk. prosḗlytos). A religious convert; in biblical usage primarily a Gentile who adopted the Jewish religion by submitting to circumcision, immersion, or “baptism” (from some time in the first century A.D.), the offering of a special sacrifice, and adherence to the law of Moses. Proselytes
Catholic Bible Dictionary
PROSELYTE (Greek, “one who approaches”) A Gentile who embraced Jewish practices and teachings. By their preaching and also by the exemplary quality of their lives, Jews of the Dispersion in the Hellenistic world made Judaism an attractive faith and so found a population that was hungry for the truth.
Dictionary of New Testament Background
PROSELYTISM AND GODFEARERS“Proselytizing” refers to active attempts on the part of Jews to recruit or evangelize Gentiles as new religious members of Judaism. Recent discussion of the nature and extent of Jewish proselytzing has focused on whether or not Judaism is a missionary religion and, for historians