30 Pieces of Silver
The money for which Judas betrayed Jesus.
The Westminster Bible Dictionary
Piece of Silver
Piece of Silver. In the New Testament two words are rendered by the phrase “piece of silver.” 1. Drachma (Luke 15:8, 9), which was a Greek silver coin, equivalent at the time of Luke to the Roman denarius, value about fifteen cents. 2. The indefinite word “silver,” as the “thirty pieces of silver” mentioned
A Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels: Aaron–Zion
Price Of Blood
PRICE OF BLOOD (τιμὴ αἴματος, Mt 27:6).—An expression used by the priests of the Temple in reference to the money Judas Iscariot had received for the betrayal of his Master. The thirty pieces of silver were the price of a traitor’s service, and so ultimately the price of a man’s head; and though the
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