16 The ark of God was brought into Jerusalem. It was put in the tent David had set up for it. The priests brought burnt offerings and friendship offerings to God.

2After David finished sacrificing those offerings, he blessed the people in the name of the Lord. 3He gave to each Israelite man and woman a loaf of bread. He also gave each one a date cake and a raisin cake.

4He appointed some of the Levites to serve in front of the ark of the Lord. David wanted them to pray, give thanks and praise the Lord. He is the God of Israel. 5Asaph was the leader of those Levites. Zechariah was next. Then came Jeiel, Shemiramoth, Jehiel, Mattithiah, Eliab, Benaiah, Obed-Edom and Jeiel. They played the lyres and harps. Asaph played the cymbals. 6The priests Benaiah and Jahaziel blew the trumpets. They blew them at regular times in front of the ark of the covenant of God.

David’s Psalm of Thanks to the Lord

7That day was the first time David gave Asaph and his helpers this psalm of thanks to the Lord.

8 Give thanks to the Lord. Worship him.

Tell the nations what he has done.

9 Sing to him. Sing praise to him.

Tell about all of the wonderful things he has done.

10 Praise him, because his name is holy.

Let the hearts of those who trust in the Lord be glad.

11 Look to the Lord and to his strength.

Always look to him.

12 Remember the wonderful things he has done.

Remember his miracles and how he judged our enemies.

13 Remember what he has done, you children of his servant Israel.

Remember it, you people of Jacob. You are God’s chosen ones.

14 He is the Lord our God.

He judges the whole earth.

15 He will keep his covenant forever.

He will keep his promise for all time to come.

16 He will keep the covenant he made with Abraham.

He will keep the oath he took when he made his promise to Isaac.

17 He made it stand as a law for Jacob.

He made it stand as a covenant for Israel. It will last forever.

18 He said, “I will give you the land of Canaan.

It will belong to you.”

19 At first there weren’t very many of God’s people.

There were only a few. And they were strangers in the land.

20 They wandered from nation to nation.

They wandered from one kingdom to another.

21 But God didn’t allow anyone to beat them down.

To keep them safe, he gave a command to kings.

22 He said to them, “Do not touch my anointed ones.

Do not harm my prophets.”

23 All you people of the earth, sing to the Lord.

Day after day tell about how he saves us.

24 Tell the nations about his glory.

Tell all people about the wonderful things he has done.

25 The Lord is great. He is really worthy of praise.

People should have respect for him as the greatest God of all.

26 All of the gods of the nations are like their statues.

They can’t do anything.

But the Lord made the heavens.

27 Glory and majesty are all around him.

Strength and joy can be seen in the place where he lives.

28 Praise the Lord, all you nations.

Praise the Lord for his glory and strength.

29 Praise the Lord for the glory that belongs to him.

Bring an offering and come to him.

Worship the Lord because of his beauty and holiness.

30 All you people of the earth, tremble when you are with him.

The world is firmly set in place. It can’t be moved.

31 Let the heavens be filled with joy. Let the earth be glad.

Let them say among the nations, “The Lord rules!”

32 Let the ocean and everything in it roar.

Let the fields and everything in them be glad.

33 Then the trees in the forest will sing with joy.

They will sing to the Lord.

He will judge the people of the world.

34 Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good.

His faithful love continues forever.

35 Cry out, “Save us, God our Savior.

Save us. Bring us back from among the nations.

Then we will give thanks to you, because your name is holy.

We will celebrate by praising you.”

36 Give praise to the Lord, the God of Israel,

for ever and ever.

Then all of the people said, “Amen!” They also said, “Praise the Lord.”

37David left Asaph and his helpers to serve in front of the ark of the covenant of the Lord. They served there at regular times. They did it as they were required to do each day. 38David also left Obed-Edom and his 68 helpers to serve with them. Obed-Edom and Hosah guarded the gates. Obed-Edom was the son of Jeduthun.

39David left the priest Zadok and some other priests in front of the holy tent of the Lord. It was at the high place in Gibeon. 40David left them there to sacrifice burnt offerings to the Lord on the altar every morning and evening. They did it in keeping with everything that is written in the Law of the Lord. That’s the Law he had given to Israel.

41Heman and Jeduthun were with the priests. So were the rest of those who had been chosen by name and appointed to serve. They had been chosen to give thanks to the Lord, “because his faithful love continues forever.” 42It was the duty of Heman and Jeduthun to blow the trumpets. They also had the duty of playing the cymbals and other instruments for the sacred songs. The sons of Jeduthun were stationed at one of the gates.

43All of the people left. Everyone went home. And David returned home to bless his family.


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