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God Is Eternal, and We Are Not

A prayer of Moses, the man of God.

90 Lord, you have been our home

since the beginning.

Before the mountains were born

and before you created the earth and the world,

you are God.

You have always been, and you will always be.

You turn people back into dust.

You say, “Go back into dust, human beings.”

To you, a thousand years

is like the passing of a day,

or like a few hours in the night.

While people sleep, you take their lives.

They are like grass that grows up in the morning.

In the morning they are fresh and new,

but by evening they dry up and die.

We are destroyed by your anger;

we are terrified by your hot anger.

You have put the evil we have done right in front of you;

you clearly see our secret sins.

All our days pass while you are angry.

Our years end with a moan.

10  Our lifetime is seventy years

or, if we are strong, eighty years.

But the years are full of hard work and pain.

They pass quickly, and then we are gone.

11  Who knows the full power of your anger?

Your anger is as great as our fear of you should be.

12  Teach us how short our lives really are

so that we may be wise.

13  Lord, how long before you return

and show kindness to your servants?

14  Fill us with your love every morning.

Then we will sing and rejoice all our lives.

15  We have seen years of trouble.

Now give us as much joy as you gave us sorrow.

16  Show your servants the wonderful things you do;

show your greatness to their children.

17  Lord our God, treat us well.

Give us success in what we do;

yes, give us success in what we do.


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