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Thanksgiving to Yahweh for Victory

92 A psalm. A song. For the Sabbath day.a

It is good to give thanks to Yahweh,

and to sing praise concerning your name, O Most High;

to declare in the morning your loyal love

and your faithfulness in the night,

on the ten string, and on the harp,

with a melody on the lyre.

For you, O Yahweh, have made me glad by your work;

by the deeds of your hands I sing for joy.

How great are your deeds, O Yahweh;

how very deep are your thoughts.

The brutish man does not know,

and the fool cannot understand this.

When the wicked flourish like grass

and all the workers of evil blossom,

it is so they can be destroyed forever.

But you are on high forever, O Yahweh.

For behold, your enemies, O Yahweh,

for behold, your enemies will perish.

All the workers of evil will be scattered.

10 But you have exalted my horn like that of a wild ox;

you have anointed meb with fresh oil.

11 And so my eye looks on my enemies.c

My ears hear those evildoers who rise up against me.

12 The righteousd will flourish like the date palm.

They will grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

13 Planted in the housee of Yahweh,

they will flourish in the courts of our God.

14 They will still prosper in old age.

They will be fat and luxuriant,f

15 to declare that Yahweh is upright.

He is my rock, and there is no injusticeg in him.


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