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The Divine Warrior Will Attack Nineveh

2 One who shattersa has come up against you!

Guard the fortification!

Watch the road!b

Gird your loins!

Musterc all your strength!

For Yahweh will restore the majesty of Jacob

like the majesty of Israel;

for ravagers have ravaged them

and ruined their branches.

The Enemy Army Conquers the City of Nineveh

The shields of his warriors are dyed red;

The powerful men are dressed in scarlet.

The metal of the chariotsd shines like fire on the day of battle,e

and their spears quiver.

The chariotsf race madly through the streets;

they rush back and forth in the public squares.

Their appearance like lightning bolts,

they dart about like flashes of lightning.

He calls his officers;

they stumble as they march;

they rush to her wall;

they set the coveringg in place.

The gates of the river are opened;

the palace trembles.

Her goddess is taken out and taken into exile;h

her maidservants moan like doves;

they beat on their breasts.

Nineveh is like a pool of water without its water.i

As they flee,j she cries, “Stop! Stop!”

But there is no one who turns back.

Plunder the silver! Plunder the gold!

There is no end to the spoils,k

an abundance of everything one could want!l

10 Emptiness and plundering and devastation!

Their hearts faint and their knees tremble,m

All their loins shaken and all their faces turno pale.

The Divine Warrior Will Hunt down the Mighty Lions

11 Where now is the den of the lions

and the cave of the fierce lions?

There the lioness, the cub, and the lion once prowled,p

and no one disturbed them.q

12 The lion tore apart enough prey for his cubs,

he strangled prey for his lioness;

he filled his lairr with prey

and his den with mangled carcass.

13 “Look! I am against you!” declaress Yahweh of hosts.

“I will burn her chariots with fire;t

the sword will devour fierce lions.

I will cut off your prey from the earth;

the voice of your messengers will no longer be heard.”


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The Lexham English Bible contains a translation of the original languages into smooth, readable English. It also contains copious footnotes which address translation issues, instances of Old Testament quotations in the New Testament, and various textual-critical issues. This translation also indicates the use of idioms in the Greek and Hebrew text. In cases where a literal rendering of Greek or Hebrew would prevent a smooth English translation, footnotes indicate the literal English translation, accompanied by explanatory notes as necessary.


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