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Women and Land Inheritance

36:1 Then the heads of the family groups1 of the Gileadites, the descendant of Machir, the descendant of Manasseh, who were from the Josephite families, approached and spoke before Moses2 and the leaders who were the heads of the Israelite families.3 36:2 They said, “The Lord commanded my lord to give4 the land as an inheritance by lot to the Israelites; and my lord was commanded by the Lord to give the inheritance of our brother Zelophehad to his daughters. 36:3 Now if they should be married to one of the men5 from another Israelite tribe, their inheritance would be taken from the inheritance of our fathers and added to the inheritance of the tribe into which they marry.6 As a result, it will be taken from the lot of our inheritance. 36:4 And when the Jubilee of the Israelites is to take place,7 their inheritance will be added to the inheritance of the tribe into which they marry. So their inheritance will be taken away from the inheritance of our ancestral tribe.”8


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