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Redemption of Vowed Animals

27:9 “ ‘If what is vowed is a kind of animal from which an offering may be presented9 to the Lord, anything which he gives to the Lord from this kind of animal10 will be holy. 27:10 He must not replace or exchange it, good for bad or bad for good, and if he does indeed exchange one animal for another animal, then both the original animal11 and its substitute will be holy. 27:11 If what is vowed is an unclean animal from which an offering must not be presented to the Lord, then he must stand the animal before the priest, 27:12 and the priest will establish its conversion value,12 whether good or bad. According to the assessed conversion value of the priest, thus it will be. 27:13 If, however, the person who made the vow redeems the animal,13 he must add one fifth to14 its conversion value.


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