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The Festival of Weeks

23:15 “ ‘You must count for yourselves seven weeks from the day after the Sabbath, from the day you bring the wave offering sheaf; they must be complete weeks.18 23:16 You must count fifty days—until the day after the seventh Sabbath—and then19 you must present a new grain offering to the Lord. 23:17 From the places where you live you must bring two loaves of20 bread for a wave offering; they must be made from two tenths of an ephah of fine wheat flour, baked with yeast,21 as first fruits to the Lord. 23:18 Along with the loaves of bread,22 you must also present seven flawless yearling lambs,23 one young bull,24 and two rams.25 They are to be a burnt offering to the Lord along with their grain offering26 and drink offerings, a gift of a soothing aroma to the Lord.27 23:19 You must also offer28 one male goat29 for a sin offering and two yearling lambs for a peace offering sacrifice, 23:20 and the priest is to wave them—the two lambs30—along with the bread of the first fruits, as a wave offering before the Lord; they will be holy to the Lord for the priest.

23:21 “ ‘On this very day you must proclaim an assembly; it is to be a holy assembly for you.31 You must not do any regular work. This is a perpetual statute in all the places where you live throughout your generations.32 23:22 When you gather in the harvest33 of your land, you must not completely harvest the corner of your field,34 and you must not gather up the gleanings of your harvest. You must leave them for the poor and the foreigner. I am the Lord your God.’ ”35


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